Wintry weather driving tips

Added: 14 December 2018

For many of us in the UK, March 2018 brought some pretty apocalyptic scenes with it: abandoned vehicles were strewn about the roads or left in ditches, streets devoid of any pedestrian activity, closed up businesses. The weather brought us to a standstill! So we're here to bring you some handy tips and tricks to have up your sleeve in case we get any more Beasts from the East in 2019!

Driving in snowy conditions

  • Take your time! The last thing you want to do whilst driving in a blizzard is hurry. That means acceleration and deceleration should be carried out in a controlled and measured way. Remember it takes longer to stop on icy roads, so try and anticipate having to stop way in advance.
  • Manoeuvre carefully. It's not just your speed and braking that needs careful attention but turning your vehicle as well. You may need to avoid snowdrifts or abandoned vehicles. It's best to approach them with caution and turn the wheel extra slowly so you don't spin out.
  • Don't floor it going uphill. If you need to take on a hill, it's best to go into it with some momentum behind you rather than from a standing start. Once you're climbing, resist the temptation to mash the pedal into the floor. Instead, carefully press the accelerator down to avoid your wheels spinning, taking you nowhere.
  • Avoid the snow if possible. If you don't have to drive, don't. You don't know what other people will do behind their wheel, so why put yourself at risk? Our suggestion: take a sledge and find a nice big hill to slide down instead!!

Long-distance winter trips

  • Keep up to date. Know what you're going into if you're setting off on a particularly long journey. Watch the news, listen to weather reports, tell people your route and ETA so they know where to find you if they haven't heard from you when they should have.
  • Fuel up. Making sure your fuel tank is at least half full will not only keep you moving, but it adds weight to the vehicle, meaning better traction on any uncertain roads.
  • Tool up. Ensure you have any necessary provisions from blankets to basic food supplies and medical supplies on the off-chance you become stranded. Have we mentioned March 2018 already?!

Obvious but often overlooked...

  • Don't drive tired.
  • Check tyre pressures and conditions before setting off.
  • Avoid using cruise control on icy and slippery roads.

We want you to be safe out there! If you need your vehicle given a winter check, contact us to speak to one of our team - we're here to help you!