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What is Skoda Smartlink?

Added: 14 March 2019

Skoda SmartLink

As technology continues to innovate and grow, it becomes a greater part of our lives and its integration into our daily routine has a huge impact on how we live and carry out our everyday activities.

The Skoda SmartLink is one of the many new forms of connective technologies that help to bridge the gap between everyday devices like smartphones to our cars. It supports technologies such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Mirrorlink and allows us to perform various actions like playing music from our smartphones to enabling directions to our destinations. This is all doable on a central display instead of requiring multiple devices that can either be distracting or frustrating to use.

Using Skoda SmartLink

Skoda SmartLink connectivity is essentially an innovative in-car infotainment system that allows you to access features on your phone without physically needing to interact with it. You can quickly connect your phone to your Skoda SmartLink system and there’s minimal effort required. Once paired, you can access everything with button presses on your central display.

This allows you to do things like making and answering calls, it gives you the ability to change music tracks with ease and you can even access your emails. SmartLink also allows you to customise your driving experience with a wide variety of different technologies and apps that are available on your phone. This even includes Apple CarPlay, Mirrorlink and Android Auto which are technologies that are specifically designed to work with your vehicle. Since it supports all three of the technologies, it means that you can use any phone and it will automatically work with the Skoda SmartLink system and you don’t need to replace components just for it to work with your current phone.

Why Use Skoda SmartLink?

One of the biggest reasons to use Skoda SmartLink is because we live in a connected world where devices like smartphones are just so important and integral to our lives. We take our smartphones wherever we go and whether it’s to play music, connect with family and friends or even keep up with the latest news, it allows us to do all of these things with a small and commonly-used device. However, using a smartphone in a car is dangerous and the distractions could lead to you getting into an accident. As a result, Skoda SmartLink is just one of the many ways in which you can safely use your smartphone to access those common features without putting yourself at risk.

Skoda SmartLink itself is a very simple, effective and safe way to access your smartphone’s features without putting yourself in danger. If you spend a lot of time in your car for work or personal purposes then the Skoda SmartLink system is a fantastic way to ensure that you can stay connected with your smartphone while you’re in your car. Be it switching music playlists, reading out the latest news articles or giving updates on traffic, it can all be done with ease thanks to Skoda SmartLink connectivity.

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