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What is Honda's SUV?

Added: 10 December 2019

Cr-v Vs HR-V

When it comes to a car that suits all your needs, a Honda should make the list of which vehicles to buy. Why? It’s because they’re stylish, powerful, and affordable, and that makes them very practical for motorists of all demographics.

Two models that are in vogue now is the CR-V and the HR-V SUV ranges, both of which are compact crossovers. Here at Heritage Honda, we find that our customers can’t decide whether to pick the CR-V or the HR-V, and that’s why we’ve decided to help.

Here are the features that make the CR-V and HR-V models some of the most sought-after cars in the UK.



The style of the CR-V is something you would class as classical in regards to Honda’s past offerings. Like the majority of the popular makes and models that the Japanese car manufacturer produces, the CR-V uses refined lines to give the exterior a sporty look. However, it’s by no means a boy-racer vehicle as the design is mature overall, making it perfect for young and older buyers alike.

The Honda HR-V is different in the sense that it is designed to be more attractive to younger markets. For that reason, it has the feel of a coupe rather than an SUV. For example, it’s a lot smaller than the CR-V, and it’s sleeker too.


Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the functionality of a car is easier to judge. And, for the most part, the HR-V comes out on top in comparison to Honda’s other SUVs. The main feature is the car’s ability to be compact and spacious at the same time. With over 400 litres of luggage space, there is plenty of room for budding families, but it’s also ideal for driving on tight streets due to its reduced size. It has 60:40 Magic Seat splits, too, that can be configured to fit any extra cargo.

The CR-V, however, is bigger in terms of cargo capacity with 500 litres of space.


Tech is an essential consideration for motorists, so it’s vital to factor it in before choosing between these SUV models. Regarding the most advanced vehicle, the CR-V probably comes out on top thanks to the upgraded Honda Sensing feature. However, the HR-V also has a version of this piece of technology, so both models are safety and security-focused.

You will find driver aids such as road departure mitigation, collision mitigation, and lane departure warning in each model.

Fuel Economy

Fuel efficiently isn’t a problem with either the CR-V or HR-V, the latter getting up to 58 miles to the gallon depending on location. The CR-V is slightly less economical, but it does have a 1.5-litre turbocharged engine. Don’t worry, though, because Honda offers an advanced hybrid powertrain for better efficiency.

Which One Should You Choose?

It’s a tough decision to make as both are fantastic cars. If you are still unsure, please don’t hesitate to contact our Gloucester Honda team. We use our knowledge and passion for customer service to provide you with the best possible car.

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