What is Audi Connect?

Added: 08 November 2018

Audi Connect

Audi Connect brings together intelligent connectivity and communication solutions. These are the key to the future of automobile, and with the LTE model, Audi is connecting its cars to the internet and integrating smartphones into the infotainment system of the vehicle in more ways than one. It’s a system for delivering internet services to the car itself and there is a broad spectrum of features to be enjoyed, from the use of Google Earth and Street View to seeing the local traffic information online. There is also the ability to search for a parking spot as well as view the services of Audi connect safety and service. There is a swarm of intelligence of the Audi fleet of cars, and the Audi connect service makes use of this across some models.

The service brought forward by Audi connect are displayed on screen in the car, whether in the MMI or the virtual cockpit, and they are operated by the rotary control, by MMI touch response and even by voice command. One of the options is that the driver can have most information read aloud, which makes for a safer drive where emails and texts are vocalised.

Safety & Security

Audi Connect services are organized in two lists: the first comprises the emergency call, online roadside assistance and the service request for Audi. If there is a serious accident, the car can recognise this and initiate a call to the emergency services. There is a voice connection as well as a data connection that can give important information to the emergency services such as GPS coordinates, direction of travel and how many people are travelling in the car. The emergency call feature has its own power source, so it can establish that call even when there’s an electrical failure. As the driver of the car, you can also trigger some roadside assistance online by pushing a button in the roof. This connection can mean that the relevant in-car data is transmitted safely. If there are repairs issues with your Audi, Audi connect can send service-data that is relevant to the workshop and appointments can then be scheduled.

The second list for Audi Connect is the remote services available. This can be controlled via a smartphone app. This can include:

  • Locking and unlocking the car
  • Checking where the car was parked
  • Calling up vehicle status reports
  • This report can include the following information:
  • The windows being open or closed
  • The doors being locked or unlocked
  • Remaining range
  • Fuel level
  • Oil level, which can be displayed in the app

There is a digitalised key instead of the conventional vehicle key and this can be transferred to the smartphone of the user in the form of the Connect key. This can lock, unlock and start the car with communication between the vehicle and smartphone over near field communication. Customers will be able to share up to 15 keys over the air with family, friends and colleagues being able to gain access to their vehicle.

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