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What Car? Car of the Year Awards 2021

Added: 15 January 2021

What Car? Car of the Year Awards 2021

Small Electric car of the year: Volkswagen ID.3 Pro Performance Life

Safety Award: Volkswagen ID.3

The Volkswagens ID.3 is the most well-rounded small car you can currently buy. Its 263-mile range is the best of the small electric cars only much pricier can travel further.

The ID.3 is fun to drive with rear-wheel drive, accurate steering and fine body control. It’s at the sharp end for performance too matching or massively beating its rivals. 

It’s practical and cheap to run for both company car drivers and private buyers, with minimal benefit-in-kind tax, slow predicted depreciation and competitive PCP rates. All combine to explain why it's been awarded small electric car of the year.

On top of excellent range and performance, the Volkswagen ID.3 was designed with a very safe structure, which protects occupants and keeps the battery secure. Leading to it being awarded this year's safety award.

The ID.3 was also this year’s top scorer in safety assist, the active safety systems which help to prevent accidents happening in the first place. With automatic emergency braking (AEB) as standard, it is capable of averting accidents in a range of situations, including helping drivers avoid cyclist and pedestrians to the front and side of the car. 

The ID.3 performed well in the deformable barrier crash test too, providing good protection for occupant and fairly benign damage caused to the oncoming vehicle. A centre front airbag is standard preventing the two front-seat passengers colliding in the event of a side on accident. 

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