What are the Best Seven Seater SUV's

Added: 24 January 2019

land rover discovery sport

Seven-seater SUVs are incredibly popular vehicles, combining luxury with incredible performance in order to offer true flexibility to the owner. If you are considering purchasing a seven-seater SUV in the future, then there are three Land Rover models in particular that may fit the bill perfectly…

Land Rover Discovery  

The first generation of the Land Rover Discovery was launched in 1989, but Land Rover have continually improved and tweaked the design in order to offer a truly outstanding experience. Here’s a look at why this seven-seater SUV has proven to be so popular over the years:

  • In particular, the Discovery has garnered a strong reputation for its overall interior design, with its high driving seat, abundance of space, and luxurious finish, all particularly noteworthy
  • There are two different engines available for Discovery models; a 2.0-litre diesel engine that performs well even in the harshest conditions, and the 3.0-litre V6 diesel that is best suited to those requiring a little extra oomph
  • The ride is pleasantly smooth and stable, whether you are cruising on a motorway or tackling rougher terrain off-road
  • The Discovery is also packed with safety features, offering a measure of reassurance amidst the luxury and high performance

Range Rover Sport

The Range Rover Sport is, as the name suggests, a sportier SUV that looks the part and drives like a dream. Here’s a glimpse at some of its most impressive capabilities:

  • Despite the “sporty” designation, the Range Rover Sport is an incredibly luxurious car, with a well-designed interior and beautiful fabrics that produce a suitably high-end feel
  • The four-wheel drive system is a dream to drive, helping to ensure the Range Rover Sport is able to handle almost any terrain in any conditions
  • The ride is smooth thanks to the inclusion of air suspension, which helps to ensure even rough terrain feels like a flat, smooth motorway
  • There are a number of different models available, ranging from 2.0-litre four-cylinder models to the plug-in hybrid P400e, as well as the impressive 3.0 litre six-cylinder SDV6

Discovery Sport

The Discovery Sport is, unsurprisingly, similar in many ways to the standard Discovery, though there are a few particular benefits to enjoy:

  • As one would expect, the Discovery Sport performs extremely well off-road, especially when considering its lower purchase price.
  • There’s plenty of features to enjoy on the Discovery Sport, but arguably the most important of all is the well-regarded Terrain Response System, which helps to ensure that off-roading is as simple and straightforward as standard driving on a flat surface
  • The Discovery Sport is a little smaller than the standard Discovery, though still offers a wealth of space that should be suitable for most needs
  • The “Sport” element is further reinforced by the cabin design, which includes a perforated leather steering wheel, aluminium “sport” pedals, and stunning contrast micro-piping completing the look

Which should you choose?

In truth, all of the seven-seater SUVs listed above offer incredible performance and capabilities. To decide between them, you may find it beneficial to discuss your specific requirements with an expert at Heritage Land Rover today. Contact us here.