Volkswagen Confirms Facelifted Passat Prices

Added: 30 July 2019

VW Passat

The pricing Point for the facelifted Passat range from Volkswagen has now been announced and are incredibly affordable. Prices will start at £27,630 for this brand-new SE saloon. While this is the starting point for the new saloon, it’s important to note that there are going to be a wide range of pricing choices for buyers. The car will be able with both an estate body or saloon. 

Aesthetic Changes

The price also reflects the fantastic new array of technology included in the vehicle as well as the massive overhaul to the existing engine. Customers may also note mild aesthetic changes however these are not nearly as drastic.

Some of the aesthetic differences between the older version of the vehicle including altered bumpers at the front and back. The car is now available in three new colours as well. This includes Lapis blue. The colour was a huge hit with buyers who bought the Golf R so it’s no wonder that the company has chosen to include it here. 

As well as this, there are a few subtle yet significant changes to the interior as well. This includes the brand new 11.7 digital instrument binnacle which is going to be a massive hit with those fond of vehicle tech. 


There will be two different types of petrol engines as well as three types of diesel available when the car launches. Powertrains are also planned for release before the year ends. The petrol engine is particularly impressive with a 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine that can offer 187bhp or 268bhp. These engines come with the typical seven-speed DSG transmission. 

Those who want to be more adventurous will be pleased to hear that the 268bhp comes with a fantastic four-wheel drive. 

As for the diesel engines, these are a 118bhp turbocharged, 1.6-litre cylinder engine or alternatively a turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine. These arrive with either 187bhp or 237bhp. Again, you can get four-wheel drive if you opt for the 187bhp engine. 

More Pricing

There are a few pricing options for buyers to consider. The entry-level price point provides LED daytime running lights and headlights as well as 17.5-inch alloy wheels. The new 6.5-inch infotainment system is also included here along with a sleek pair of black roof rails. 

If you pay £2,640 extra, you get a little more bang for your buck with the SEL-trim. This delivers a stunning leather interior and a different wheel design as well as a couple extra inches on the infotainment system. You also get voice control and silver roof rails on the estate option. 

There’s also the Passat R-Line that starts at £33,070 and a higher specified R-Line Edition Estate which has a price tag of £43,350. For the new R-Line Edition Estate, you do have the option to upgrade the engine with a seven-speed gearbox and a new all-wheel-drive system. That adds another £1,700 to the price. 

We hope this helps you decide whether the new Volkswagen Passat Facelift could be the right vehicle for you.

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