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The Countdown has begun!

Added: 01 February 2021

Audi shadowed outline

The Countdown has begun!

Audi’s first electric sports cars, the e-tron GT and RS e-tron GT premiere at 6pm on 9th February 2021. Join us here

The Audi e-tron GT is a new kind of electric car. The sporty Gran Turismo marks a new era for Audi with visionary design and progressive thinking. With five seats and two luggage compartments, it combines clear lines with clear vision. Sophisticated technology with intuitive controls. Connectivity with new possibilities. And performance with electric power.

The e-tron GT has an optional electronic sound, which was developed and tested in sound labs until it was just perfect. An additional loudspeaker in the rear of the vehicle as well as two interior loudspeakers create the sophisticated backdrop of ‘e’.

Driving an e-tron GT feels smooth and gentle, while its electric drive ensures breath-taking performance and a powerful potential. It offers powerful acceleration which can be activated again and again, thanks to sophisticated thermal management that keeps the electrical components within optimal temperature range. A range of high-tech suspension pools all its strengths together to make for exciting handling. The performance and powerful acceleration of the e-tron GT require equally powerful and easily controllable brakes.

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