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The Caddy California

Added: 22 April 2021

The Caddy California

The Caddy California coming soon to complete the California family. The Caddy California is designed for those who find driving a full-sized van into the wilderness intimidating. Providing the perfect space for couples to get away.

The Caddy California is built on the Volkswagen MQB platform, which helps deliver more space and greater on-board technology. The van will be available in standard and longer body lengths, with the standard length released first.

The Caddy California features a foldable bed, retractable mini kitchen and practical storage compartments. The space saving kitchen includes a gas hob, cutlery tray and storage box for food and cooking utensils. The tailgate provides a weather shield for protection from rain while cooking. The gas bottle is stored in a locked compartment.

A stand-alone tent accessory provides additional living and sleeping space, to host a further two people, so the whole family can come along. While the tent can be attached to the Caddy California it can also be used freestanding, making the Caddy California perfect for everyday and longer journeys. The foldable camping chairs and table from the larger California are also included and can be stored in bags under the bed.

An optional panoramic roof allows you to gaze at the stars before drifting off to sleep. All the rear windows including the roof are fitted with blinds to prevent the morning sun waking the occupants.

The Caddy California will use the Volkswagens latest MIB infotainment set-up which features a 8.25inch central screen, air conditioning, electric door mirrors and height and lumber adjustable front seats as standard. A host of safety equipment is also included as standard, such as lane assist, cruise control, a driver alert system and Volkswagen’s trailer-assist system.

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