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SEAT Tarraco Wins 'Best Fleet Large SUV' 2021

Added: 20 April 2021

Green SEAT Tarraco parked side view

Scooping up yet another award, the SEAT Tarraco has managed to gain another one as ‘Best Fleet Large SUV’ for 2021. It’s no surprise that it has though thanks to its practical and comfortable design, whilst also being dynamic in its drive.

Critically acclaimed by motor industry and drivers

Since the SEAT Tarraco launched back in 2019, the brand’s first seven-seater SUV has become a critically acclaimed vehicle by both those within the motor industry and many drivers who’ve been an owner of the model since.

Crowned by the Great British Fleet Awards, the Tarraco has remained a favourite when it comes to fleets due to the many benefits that it provides to its drivers. The awards were hosted by Fleet World and judged by an expert panel. The Great British Fleet Awards helps to highlight the very best when it comes to fleet management and its need for vehicles that are running cost-effectively. As well as being environmentally-friendlier and safer of course.

SEAT Leon was also highly commended as Best Fleet Medium SUV too during the awards.

What’s so good about the SEAT Tarraco?

Considering it has won an award, it has to be good right? Well there are plenty of benefits that come with this model and that are worth sharing to those who may be looking at purchasing this model.

Generous technology

With the most advanced technology readily available, it’s a must-have for most of us nowadays. Featuring navigation maps, adaptive cruise control, front and lane control, all within a 9.2inch customisable screen. Connect it to your smartphone for easy access to your contacts and music.

A virtual pedal helps you put your luggage in the trunk when your hands are full and the park assist can come in handy for those who need a little assistance when parking up.

Comfortable & spacious

There’s a lot of comfort with this model, not to mention heated seats and three zone climate control. The panoramic sun-roof gives you a little more freedom from any feelings of confinement and there’s plenty of leg-room space both in the front and back of the vehicle.


The SEAT Tarraco is one that’s highly effective. Automatic steering and advanced sensors will make driving feel like a breeze. With a 4Drive wheel system, it gives the driver complete control, regardless of the terrain they’re driving on. The vehicle also comes with driver profiles to adapt to various drive modes, such as Comfort, Eco and Sport.

SEAT Tarraco provides excellent value for money

Priced from £29,155 OTR, the Tarraco is excellent value for many and is one that certainly appeals to many businesses that are looking for company cars for their employees. With so many benefits to the model, it’s exactly what a business needs when it comes to their fleet. Top quality in design, excellent technological features and comfort is everything for those employees who spend a lot of time on the road.

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