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New Range Rover Evoque Achieves Five-star Rating in Euro NCAP Safety Results

Added: 02 May 2019

When you think about Range Rover, you automatically think about brute force, power, and a sense of daring. All these things might make you believe that Range Rovers are quite risky cars to own as they’re designed to be very forceful and exciting.

While this is partly true - a Range Rover will definitely deliver thrills - it also neglects one key element of the brand; safety. This is best shown in the new Range Rover Evoque; a car that gives all the thrills of a big 4x4, but with a very impressive safety rating to boot. In fact, it scored 5 stars on the almighty Euro NCAP safety test. What does this mean? Well, allow us to explain:

A Five-Star Performance

The Euro NCAP Safety rating system has been in action for many years now. It’s a system that’s designed to show how safe a car is, and how well-protected you’ll be if an accident happens. It’s a five-star system, with the more stars you have, the better. The new Range Rover Evoque scored the maximum 5 stars, which shows it has overall excellent performance in crash protection and is more than well equipped with brilliant crash avoidance technology.

In essence, the new Evoque can help prevent crashes and offer ample protection if the worst ever were to happen!

This safety system is widely regarded as the best and most trustworthy around due to the extensive tests that go into determining a car’s rating. For Range Rover to score a perfect 5 with the Evoque, this just shows how amazing this car must be.

Packed Full of Safety Features

When you take a look inside the car, you see so many amazing features from the Range Rover Evoque. Firstly, it has an electronic brake-force distribution to provide more stability when braking. Then, there’s emergency brake assist to react when you’re not on the ball, along with high-speed emergency braking too. Combine this with the dynamic stability control system, and you have a vehicle that makes it very hard for you to get in an accident.

Not only that, but the airbags system is one of the best out there. The front passengers aren’t the only ones that get protected here, there are airbags along the sides of the back seats as well, ensuring everyone is safe.

Excellent Safety with Plenty More to Offer

The safety features aren’t the only talking points here, the Evoque also offers fantastic performance specs, a comfortable ride, and off-road capabilities. Plus, you get one of the best designs out there and so much technology inside as well. It really is the complete vehicle, making it one of the best offerings from Land Rover to date.

Do you want a car that’s reached the highest safety standards possible? Get in touch with us today, and we’ll tell you more about the new Range Rover Evoque. At Heritage Land Rover, we can offer the best deals possible, and we’ll even set you up with a test drive as well. 

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