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New Land Rover Defender Appears at Frankfurt Motor Show

Added: 18 October 2019

Since Heritage Land Rover arrived in Cheltenham, we’ve been bringing all of the latest models to the area. Now we are very excited for the new Land Rover Defender which has recently appeared at the Frankfurt Motor Show!

Land Rover officially unveiled its new model at the 2019 show in the German city, and it looks like the brand has really changed things up for the first time in 71 years. Production has recently moved from Solihull to Slovakia, and it looks like Land Rover have used this as a completely new beginning, bringing a lot of exciting highlights to its latest vehicle.

The new Defender is a comes in two versions so far: a three-door 90 and a five-door 110. The 110 will start off at £45,240 while the 90 will come in at around the £40,000 mark. They also look set to launch a few commercial variants as well, which should be about £35,000.

What Do You Get with The New Land Rover Defender?

This new 4x4 features an aluminium unibody which is heavily influenced by the D7 body from the current Range Rover and Land Rover Discovery series. That also means that there are no more double axles as there’s now a double-wishbone front suspension in the vehicles. If you choose a 90, then you can opt for either coil-sprung or air suspension. However, the 110 will only come with air suspension. Land Rover are saying that these new models are its strongest and stiffest ones yet as they come with a torsional rigidity of 30kNm/Degree.

The new Land Rover Defender will also have an improved off-road performance thanks to better hardware including the battery, cooling circuits, and a much more practical positioning of the spare wheel. You’ll also find sturdier welds, incredibly durable bushings and ball joints in the suspension, and much stiffer front control arms.

You should also notice a difference in the size compared to previous models as well, as this new Land Rover Defender is a lot bigger. Both the 90 and 110 models are 4583mm and 5018mm, which is an increase of 722mm and 440mm.

How’s the Performance?

You’ll be able to leave a lot of drivers in your dust when you get in the new Land Rover Defender. The engines come in either four- or six-cylinder and can be petrol, hybrid, or plug-in. Traditionalists can also opt for a four-cylinder diesel. All of these options come with an eight-speed automatic, ensuring that power is sent to all four wheels.

There is a reduced ground clearance and some slight overhangs, which can reduce its off-road performance, though. On the other hand, this is boosted thanks to permanent all-wheel drive and an option to lock the rear diff as well as the centre diff.

As it stands, this new Land Rover Defender looks set to be a solid addition to our current off-road line-up. Contact us today to arrange a test drive or to order a new vehicle.

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