New Electric Jaguar E-Type Zero Given Go Ahead

Added: 31 August 2018

The green light has been granted for Jaguar to start producing the fully electric E-Type Zero.  The E-Type Zero will be available in limited supply and will follow in the footsteps of other reborn Jaguars in the D-Type and XKSS.

The E-Type Zero was first floated as a concept back last year as a left-hand drive 1968 Series 1.5 E-Type. Having received a great response and even an appearance at the Royal wedding earlier this year, the E-Type Zero will be granted production.  The British manufacturer also confirmed current E-Type owners would be able to convert their models into a full EV.  The team at Jaguar Classics, the company behind the move, have also insisted that the conversion will be fully reversible should you so wish to ensure the authenticity of the original vehicle remains intact.

Initial production work will take place in Coventry at the Jaguar Classics factory with the very first deliveries expected by 2020.  There has been no official figure on how many of the electric classics they will produce, nor how much the conversion would cost, but it is understood to be a labour intensive process.

Electric Jaguar E-Type

A unique electric powertrain has been developed to work within the original chassis space, with all its elements placed to provide a replica of the original six-cylinder engine. This means that when you pop the bonnet you are greeted with the battery pack in place of the engine, and the electric motor sitting just behind in place of the original gearbox.

Obviously fitting an electric motor is a very modern adaptation, however, engineers are determined to keep much of the original charm and character leaving many components unchanged.  The result should be an E-Type that drives, feels, handles and brakes much like the original.  The new E-Type Zero has been the beneficiary of some of the research and development used in the production of the I-Pace, with the electric motor fitted producing an impressive 295bhp.  Despite the sizeable battery used within the new model, the EV model will actually weigh 80kg less than the original, which results in a top speed of 150mph and a 0-62mph time of just 5.5 seconds.

The vehicle’s range has been speculated at being up to 205 miles, however, Jaguar Classics have been quick to suggest that 170 miles is more likely as to not risk disappointment.

There’s nothing quite like bringing a classic back to life, and we can’t wait to see the end result. Keep your eyes peeled over the coming months to hear more about this remarkable project.