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Land Rover announces Special Edition Range Rover Sport called the HST

Added: 14 March 2019

Range Rover Sport HSTA new special edition of the Range Rover Sport known as the HST was recently announced. The 394bhp Range Rover was recently revealed by Jaguar and the new model will come with an all-new 3.0-litre turbocharged straight-six mild-hybrid engine. It will also include a number of different exclusive and exterior changes such as the trim.

Details of the new Range Rover HST

Capable of generating 394bhp and 550Nm of torque, it packs a serious engine that will also be assisted by an electrically-driven compressor via a 48V mild-hybrid system. A mild hybrid is nothing like commercial hybrid cars and is much closer to traditional gasoline engine cars because the electrically-driven compressor does not propel the vehicle on its own, so it’s important to under that it’s not a typical hybrid vehicle.

Thanks to this mild-hybrid system, the Range Rover HST is capable of 0-62mph in just 6.2 seconds and maintains top speeds of 140mph. The mild-hybrid system can also help the vehicle deliver a respectable 30.5mpg and emissions ratings of around 213g/km of CO2. Through regenerative braking, the system can also recover energy and store it in a battery for later use by the mild-hybrid electric engine in situations such as starting up the vehicle.

The Range Rover HST also comes with adjustable air springs, active dampers and the Land Rover “Terrain Response 2” system which scans for terrain changes as you drive over them and automatically adjusts the drivetrain to your surrounding road conditions.

The Range Rover HST also comes with one of two new alloy wheel designs and a choice of different paint colours, red brake callipers, unique badging and also a carbon fibre trim for various parts of the vehicle including the side vents and tailgate. The interior will also be changed with a set of 16-way adjustable front seats, satin chrome shift paddles, badging on the fascia and also a suede trim steering wheel with matching gear lever. You’ll also be treated to a wide range of assisting technologies such as adaptive cruise control and a high-speed emergency braking feature.

Should you be excited?

The original Range Rover Sport is an exceptional vehicle with a beautiful interior, many unique features and a brilliant drive. However, despite the mild-hybrid engine, it does still require quite a bit of money to operate on a regular basis and despite its large size, it’s not a seven-seater. With that said, it’s a beautiful-looking vehicle and the HST version makes a great homage to the early days of Land Rover as a motorsports expert.

If you’ve got a budget you can play with then the Range Rover HST edition is a fantastic vehicle to consider thanks to the upgrades to both the interior and exterior, but also the changes to the inner workings of the vehicle. If you were considering a Range Rover Sport then the HST edition may be the reason to purchase one in the first place.

The HST is currently on sale and is typically priced at £81,250 OTR.

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