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Land Rover Announces Limited Edition Discovery to Celebrate 30 Years of the Model

Added: 18 February 2019

If you’re on the market for a new Land Rover, you might want to consider investing in the Discovery Anniversary Edition. This car has been created to celebrate thirty years of the model on the market and is a love letter to fans of the beautiful vehicle. It has various impressive features, cool design options and a tremendous build that is sure to be a hit with loyal fans and newcomers alike.

A New Set of Wheels

Land Rover know that it’s the little details on a vehicle which count the most. They haven’t disappointed with this anniversary edition of the car. In fact, the car comes with 22-inch split spoke wheels that look absolutely incredible on the road or when parked on the driveway. They’re finished in silver and glisten beautifully in the light of day. You’re certainly going to catch attention with these.

Other exterior features include a further darkened privacy glass. This is designed to provide safety, security and privacy. It’s a small change but it’s another little detail that drivers and passengers are sure to appreciate with this ride.

Boost in Visibility

The new edition comes with LED headlights that have LED signature. As you might expect, these lights look absolutely gorgeous, curving around the edge of the car. But they’re not just beautiful, they’re practical too. These lights are so bright they are impossible to ignore, providing a fresh level of visibility and thus a higher level of safety for drivers on the road.

New Technology

The new edition of the vehicle is also packed full of fantastic tech. One example of this would be the Touch Pro Navigation system. This system is designed to be both user-friendly and deliciously sleek. It also has a variety of impressive features. For instance, just one click and you’ll quickly be able to find a car park nearby. It will immediately be added and you’ll be able to travel the recommended route towards the perfect place to park your vehicle.

The Touch Pro Navigation system is just one example of the impressive new technology packed into the car. It’s not all practical either. The vehicle also comes with the Meridian Sound System. Audiophiles will know that Meridian specialises in creating and producing deluxe high-performance audio systems. The new vehicle has ten large speakers and a dual channel subwoofer. It’s designed to offer the absolute best quality sound that you could hope for in a vehicle and is tremendous.

As well as being a tribute to the Land Rover, this edition of the vehicle is certainly a thank you to fans that have supported the model through the years. It arrives on the market with a range of different metallic paint jobs including Indus Silver, Loire Blue, Corris Grey and Santorini Black. As such, buyers will be able to choose the shade that suits their style. At just under sixty thousand, the car is quite expensive but for the additional features you get the cost could still be considered an absolute steal on the market. Particularly, for those who are already huge fans of the Land Rover.

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