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Jaguar Land Rover to Partner BMW Developing Electric Car Components

Added: 24 June 2019

Jaguar Land Rover to Partner BMW Developing Electric Car Components

As a top UK Jaguar dealer, at Heritage Jaguar we are constantly keeping a check on the latest news in the industry. Recently, it has been announced Jaguar Land Rover and BMW will join together for electric cars. Rather than producing a joint car, these two companies will be creating electric car components for the market for use in all their vehicles.

Why Is This Happening?

It’s true to say that each firm has encountered issues recently. These issues could be addressed with a partnership where manufacturing costs are shared and innovative ideas help both businesses. It also ensures that the two companies can remain competitive in the wake of brands coming together.

For instance, Ford and Volkswagen are currently developing new vehicles while at the same time Renault and Fiat-Chrysler have been pursuing a shared deal.

Ultimately, all companies are under pressure to cut costs and maintain anti-pollution levels on the vehicles that they produce. This has led to a decline in profit margins but building the right partnership could change that.

What Is the Goal?

There are numerous goals being pursued with this partnership. The companies will certainly be looking to cut costs but that’s definitely not the only objective. The partnership will also aim to reduce development times. With technology constantly changing it’s important for businesses to be able to deliver upgrades as quickly as possible. The two brands hope that the new deal will help ensure that fresh tech is readily available for eager buyers.

One of the main goals is to introduce innovation that will shake up the industry. According to experts, it is difficult to achieve a USP with electric car technology. Everyone is moving forward at a rapid pace and many brands have succeeded with handling, a better ride and a high level of quality. The partnership will aim to produce something that separates their electric offerings from the rest and claim the attention of buyers.

The Tech

It is believed that this partnership will lead to various tech developments in the future. The first project on the agenda is one house for electric motor transmission and power electronics. This is referred to as Gen 5 of the ‘eDrive’ tech. The two teams will work together to boost development into Gen 5 while continuing to produce individual electric drivetrains. For Jaguar Land Rover, these drivetrains will be produced in a Wolverhampton plant with a team consisting of 1600 workers.

This tech is expected to be a key part of both next-generation Jaguars and Land Rovers that will be entering the market over the next decade. With the increase in demand for eco-efficient vehicles, electric cars are going to be crucial for car manufacturing. The new partnership is a definitive example of how these two brands plan to approach this fresh challenge.

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