Jaguar I-Pace Wins German Car of the Year Award

Added: 29 November 2018

If you’re on the lookout for an award-winning new car, look no further than the impressive Jaguar I-Pace. This newly-crowned winner of the German Car of the Year Award beat off tough competition to dazzle an expert panel and earn the title for 2019.

Introducing the Jaguar I-Pace, the German Car of the Year 2019

The I-Pace is Jaguar’s first fully electric car, and it has certainly made a splash among motoring enthusiasts. A panel of twelve journalists undertook extensive research to reach their decision, with 59 models in contention for the prestigious award. After test-driving every car, the experts put their heads together and came to the conclusion that the Jaguar SUV had outpaced its rivals to claim the top prize. Although the Jaguar I-Pace was not the only premium brand electric vehicle in the running, the panel felt that its outclassed competitors in almost every field. The I-Pace looks the part, it does its bit for the environment, and it doesn’t compromise when it comes to performance. This is the ultimate modern all-rounder, and it offers that touch of class that is synonymous with the Jaguar brand.

What’s so brilliant about the I-Pace?

The world of automotive design is evolving at lightning speed, and competition is fierce. The panel of journalists charged with the responsibility of crowning the champion model for 2019 tried and tested almost 60 different models, so what was so spectacular about the I-Pace? After initial trials, the I-Pace was shortlisted along with four other models, but experts were ultimately drawn to the Jaguar SUV and couldn’t overlook its majestic prowess on the roads. The I-Pace is Jaguar’s first all-electric vehicle, and it offers an incredible option for buyers who are looking for an eco-friendly car that delivers on every level. For a long time, buyers have worried about the look of environmentally-friendly options, but aesthetics are certainly not a concern for I-Pace aficionados. This is a slick, stylish, modern looking car that gives you everything you could possibly want. You can get from 0-60 in just 4.5 seconds, and you can travel up to 292 miles without worrying about recharging. Throw in a luxurious interior, a sporty trim, and some serious engine power, and it’s no wonder the I-Pace emerged victorious. The German Car of the Year Award judges were looking at several categories during the analysis and evaluation stages, and the I-Pace excelled across the board. This forward-thinking model ticked the design, performance, ride, handling and future viability boxes, and it also provided a brilliant driving experience on the test track, the Bilster Berg Circuit. Sometimes, there’s an assumption that you have to make sacrifices when it comes to buying an eco-friendly vehicle, but with the Jaguar I-Pace, you really can have it all.

If you’re interested in the Jaguar I-Pace, and you’re keen to find out more about this champion car, why not contact us at Heritage Jaguar, Cheltenham today? We’ll be happy to tell you all about this award-winning vehicle and organise a test drive.

Jaguar I-Pace