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Is the Land Rover Evoque 4-Wheel Drive?

Added: 29 November 2018

The Land Rover Evoque is one of the most stylish vehicles on the road, but it’s also a model that has provoked controversy. Purists may say that it’s not rugged enough to be part of the iconic Range Rover collection, but the Evoque is actually a lot more robust than many may think. If you’re on the hunt for a 4x4 that offers both style and substance, you may struggle to beat the Evoque.

The Land Rover Evoque 4WD

The Evoque made a splash when it was first released, mainly due to its unique aesthetic. Unlike other members of the Range Rover family, the Evoque caused people to question whether the latest model was a case of style over substance. Other models are larger, sturdier, and more solid, but does that mean that the Evoque is any less capable when it comes to conquering more rugged terrain? The truth is that the Land Rover Evoque features 4-wheel drive technology as standard. This is a car that will fit in on the motorway seamlessly, but it’s also a vehicle you can take off-road without any anxiety. The Evoque may look lightweight in comparison with other stalwarts of the Land Rover range, but it’s not short of features that make it ideal for those keen to get off the beaten track. There is a sturdy isolated frame at the front and rear, the monocoque body-shell is solid and stiff, and it has an innovative, intuitive 4WD system, which gives you peace of mind and greater confidence if you do fancy tackling off-road challenges. In addition to the intrinsic 4WD system, the Evoque has also been built with versatility in mind. Although perfectly suited to everyday driving, this is a model that also boasts terrain response, hill descent control, wade sensing, gradient release control and all-terrain progress control. With such an array of features, drivers are well-equipped to deal with every eventuality. Whether you’re stuck in traffic on the motorway or you’re navigating your way through mountain tracks, the Evoque is an ideal companion.

The benefits of buying an Evoque

Sometimes, when you’re shopping around for a new car, you assume that you’ll have to make compromises or sacrifices. There’s no perfect car out there, or is there? The Evoque is a unique proposition for drivers because it offers a solution for those looking for power, strength and brute force, as well as style. The Evoque may look elegant, but it’s not just a vehicle to be seen in. It’s a very impressive model, which suits all kinds of different lifestyles. From busy city roads to deserted tracks in the wilds, there are few challenges the Evoque can’t conquer. If you like the look of the Evoque, and you’re keen to see its brilliance and beauty for yourself, why not contact us at Heritage Land Rover today? We sell brand new Land Rovers to customers in Gloucester and beyond, and we’ll be happy to help you find your perfect road companion.

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