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Honda's New HR-V Hybrid SUV Revealed for 2021

Added: 18 March 2021

New Honda HR-V Hybrid SUV Front

Do you want a small SUV with a hybrid engine? Honda has revealed its all-new HR-V car, a small SUV which will only be available with its very own e:HEV petrol-electric hybrid drivetrain and is set to land on the UK’s forecourts in late 2021.

If you are interested in buying this car then prospective buyers can register their interest online now for this car costing around £25,000.

What is so special about the Honda HR-V Hybrid?

The all-new HR-V will be the third generation of HR-V which will replace the second-generation model which has been around for the past eight years, and will be released at around the same time as the new Honda Civic. Both of these vehicles will be using Honda’s latest in hybrid technology extensively.

The e:HEV drivetrain is already being used by the hybrid-only Honda Jazz supermini, and the Honda CR-V large SUV- which was made hybrid-only at the beginning of 2021.

What is a Hybrid System?

The Hybrid system found in these latest Honda models is a pairing of a 1.5 litre, four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine working alongside a pair of electric motors and a battery. This system means that the engine can drive wheels directly, or can be used to power electric motors as the battery sends power to the motors to drive the wheels.

The engine can also work to top up the battery, or, additionally using harvested energy from a regenerative braking system. In the Honda HR-V Hybrid, the power is most likely to have a power output that lies somewhere between the small 108bhp of the Jazz, and the 184bhp of the larger 184bhp.

What will the Honda HR-V Hybrid look like?

Looking at the outside of the new Honda HR-V Hybrid, you’ll see that the new car gets a more upright front end than the outgoing car. It sports a larger grille, new front and rear lights, plastic cladding, and new wheels.

Inside the car, there are some similarly revolutionary changes. Laid out almost identically to a Mazda, the simple lines and centrally mounted info-tainments screen will boast similar technology to the Honda E. Modern active safety and driver assistance systems will likely feature, too- but the exact details are yet to be shared.

New Honda HR-V Hybrid SUV Interior

What will the additional features of the Honda HR-V Hybrid be?

Hondas seating arrangements make their way from the Honda Jazz, this means that the HR-V hybrid will have that same ability to flip the bases of the rear seats to create extra storage space in the footwells. Thanks to some clever packaging of hybrid technology, there will be room for four adults in this car to fit comfortably. The all new Honda HR-V Hybrid is just one example of Hondas aim to have each of their models electrified by 2022.

Find out more information about its release at Heritage Honda later in the year.

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