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Have You Heard About the New Volkswagen I.D Neo?

Added: 25 September 2018

Volkswagen have announced they are releasing their first ever all electric I.D car, the 'Neo', in 2019 and it will come in three versions with different battery capacities.

It will come in the form of a five-door hatchback approximately the same size as the current Golf however it will use Volkswagen’s all-new MEB platform which has an unorthodox long wheelbase that provides the same interior room as a Passat.

Volkswagen haven’t released the full details on the forthcoming I.D Neo but here’s everything else we know so far.

Volkswagen I.D Neo: Range Options

Volkswagen I.D Neo

In a bid to open up the I.D Neo to everyone from all budget ranges, Volkswagen are offering it with a range of three different battery capacities. Starting with the entry level option, it will come with a range of 205 miles and it will be the most limited in terms of performance within the range. The battery is said to be around 48kWh and the car itself will be priced at around the same as a generously specced diesel Golf.

The mid-level spec Neo will do around 280 miles which Volkswagen say is a much bigger range than they originally set out to achieve. The top of the range battery capacity figures are still yet to be finalised but we can predict it will be somewhere in the region of 300-400miles.

Volkswagen I.D Neo: Design & Dimensions

New Volkswagen I.D Neo

As you’d expect with a car that doesn’t have an exhaust or a combustion engine, the overhangs on the Neo are predictably short and the rear accommodates a multi-link suspension arrangement to make room for the electric motor.

Thanks to the relatively long wheelbase of the MEB platform, the I.D Neo will hit the markets about 20cm longer than the current five-door Golf. This means it will be more spacious and practical than a Golf as well as being more efficient and economical.

More room is also freed up ahead of the dashboard which Volkswagen are using as a foundation for the augmented reality navigation projection system they intended on installing.

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