Does Jaguar Have an Electric Car?

Added: 11 February 2019

jaguar ipace

Do you love Jaguar cars? You might be wondering whether the company has ever produced an electric car? While there are various Jaguar hybrid vehicles, they actually only have one fully electric car and it hasn't hit the market yet. This is the Jaguar I-Pace, an electric SUV designed for incredible levels of performance. If you’re on the market for a fantastic electric vehicle, this could certainly be the perfect choice for you. Jaguar has actually claimed that this isn’t just a car but rather a promise to start putting more of a focus on battery-powered vehicles. So, let’s explore this concept and discover a beautiful new SUV.

Stunning Design

Creating the Jaguar I-Pace, the company did not want to build a typical electric car. They wanted to create something that truly looked and felt like a Jag. They have certainly succeeded with this concept. It looks absolutely flawless with a modern design that perfectly matches the Jaguar name. There are like lines and stunning curves on this vehicle that ensure it will stand out on the road. Jaguar wanted to make sure that their first electric car still looked like an impressive beast, built for both power and speed.

The car is actually a new version of the XJ luxury saloon already available on the market. It’s due to start shipping in July and at then this beautiful creation will start to be seen on roads across Europe.

What is the Range of the Jaguar I-Pace

The car provides an impressive range of 298 miles. That’s not bad at all and surpasses the average of the typical range for an electric vehicle. This could be due to the new 90kWh lithium ion battery which in itself is a rather impressive creation. It doesn’t quite reach the best that the likes of Tesla can offer but it won’t disappoint drivers who are willing to take a chance on a new entry into the electric car market.

As well as providing a solid range, charging is also wicked fast. If you need a charge for eighty miles, you can expect a wait time of no more than thirty minutes. However, to get an 80% charge, you will need to wait at least an hour and thirty minutes when you’re using a typical 50kW charger. That said, the rarer 100kW chargers will up that speed to just under 45 minutes.

How Does It Run?

The car has two motors, one for each axis and this allows it to provide all-wheel drive for the vehicle on the road. The vehicle is designed to be incredibly light for the absolute best performance possible. This allows the i-Pace to provide 395bhp and get from zero to sixty in just 4.5 seconds. Despite this, the car also has a robust design, built for a solid structure that will provide high levels of safety and support on the road. The car has also been built to ensure that it handles just like other Jaguars as customers have grown accustomed to experiencing a superior drive.

With the i-Pace, Jaguar will take the first step into a whole new market and what an impressive first step it will be.

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