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Discover the Skoda Vision X concept

Added: 18 February 2019

skoda vision x

Are you ready for a new type of SUV? You might be interested in the Skoda Vision X. The freshly designed car will be closely related to VW cousins, the VW T-Cross and the Seat Arona. It’s expected to launch in 2019 and so far, has already showcased some very impressive features that you won’t want to miss out on. Let’s take a look at this new vehicle and what you can expect from it when it launches later this year.

Interior Design

You’re definitely going to be impressed with the interior of this vehicle because it’s packed full with plenty of tech. Let’s start with the massive touch screen which slots firmly in the centre of the dash. All the dials on the vehicle are also digital providing a simple, clean user interface. There’s some cool, clever ambient lighting too and while it’s a little extreme right now, it will probably be dialled back before final production. Ultimately, this is a car that manages to feel both contemporary and cool.

As well as this, there are going to be notable changes to the interior of this SUV that is different from other similar vehicles. Instead of having a full set of four individual seats, the car is designed with a rear bench. However, the car hasn’t lost a personal feel and the unique stitching ensures that it will stand out and look great on the market.

As for the exterior, the vehicle is designed to look powerful despite the compact size. It should be practical when trying to find car parking spaces too due to it’s sleek, subtle design.

Under the Bonnet

The car is actually powered by the VW Group 1.5-litre TSI engine. As well as this, the car is expected to come equipped with a small electric motor. This is designed to ensure that the car is eco-friendly and guarantee that it offers versatility as well. The motor can even provide extra power to the rear axle and provide, for at least a short amount of time, all-wheel drive. However, the car will actually be available in front and four-wheel drive too.

Will It Stay the Same?

As the name suggests, thus far, the only teases of the car have been concepts. This points to the fact that the final design has not been fully formed yet. However, Skoda claims that the Vision X is unlikely to see too many changes when it does hit the market later this year. The innovative features that have been showcased are likely to remain intact as will the shape and size of the vehicle. Though, it’s possible there will be minor changes the company says that the concept is a realistic design that is virtually road ready.

An impressive machine then and with an expected price of just £16,000 this is certainly going to be a budget-friendly SUV. There’s definitely a lot of reason to be excited for when this car finally does enter the market a little later in the year. Contact us today to find out more.

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