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Cupra Formentor Petrol or PHEV SUV Will Be The First Cupra Standalone Models

Added: 28 April 2020

CUPRA Formentor Petrol or PHEV

The first standalone Cupra model is coming to you later this year. The Cupra Formentor is the brands first independent model, and is available as both the Cupra Formentor SUV Petrol and Cupra Formentor SUV PHEV, giving you the option to choose between the standard and traditional petrol model or the more modern hybrid alternative.

It is available with up to 306 BHP, and both hybrid and petrol options will demonstrate this power. The 2.0-litre engine is present in the petrol model, while its hybrid counterpart boasts a smaller, but still respectable 1.4 litres.

Performance stats are yet to be finalised or released. However, it shares some similarities with the Cupra Leon ST Estate. We'd expect it to reach 60mph in just 4.8 seconds and have a maximum speed of around 155 mph.

Likewise, the hybrid model can reach 62mph in just over six seconds, and the battery gives you 31 miles of travelling before needing to recharge. This is modest but not as impressive as completely electric car models. Still, with the petrol engine to back it up, it's hardly something to complain about.

It shares some designs with the SEAT Terraco SUV, in particular, the one-piece red light bar plus the sleek headlights that make this an appealing model for anyone who likes to combine robust quality with a sophisticated appearance. There's also a sporty element which will appeal to plenty of interested drivers, and this sporty design is reflected inside the vehicle.

The most significant evidence of this is the bucket seats, but there are also user-friendly features, including smartphone connectivity and customisable digital instruments. Furthermore, the Cupra Connect smartphone app assists with the location of the car and provides a warning if you are driving too fast, or even if the vehicle is stolen.

The longer wheelbase also provides more space for rear passengers, meaning that everyone will be comfortable inside. Besides this, the boot capacity clocks in at 450 litres, which may not be as large as the Ateca, but still provides plenty of space for suitcases, sports gear, and much more for your friends, and family.

What Cupra Is

The Cupra has evolved from being a version of an existing SEAT car and now is its own standalone brand. The Formentor is the very first of its line and takes its name from the peninsula on Majorca. While it doesn't borrow the name of existing cars, such as the Ateca and Leon, it still uses some of the same powertrain and technologies you will find with VW Group cars.

Heritage SEAT is located in Bristol and Gloucester and is part of the Heritage Automotive Group, first established in 1996, and is now the fastest-growing auto dealership across the southwest of England. As the Cupra will be with us in late 2020, you won't be able to try it out just yet. However, with our full range of SEAT vehicles that are suitable for everybody's needs, there's sure to be something that may interest you. Don't hesitate to get in touch or drop by today for more information.

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