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Benefits Of Electric Cars

Added: 14 December 2018

You won’t be unfamiliar with the increase in popularity and technological improvements of electric cars. If you’re trying to decide whether an electric car is for you - or if you should stick with petrol or diesal - here’s a list of the key benefits to electric cars!

Safe to drive

Electric cars are powered by batteries which provide additional safety to the regular testing procedures of fuel-powered cars. This means that, should an accident occur with the airbags being released, the vehicle automatically cuts the electricity supply to the battery.

Green car


As they are fuelled by electricity, these cars produce no emissions. Because they produce less pollution, they are less harmful to the natural environment and the human population. Many manufacturers build their electric cars with eco-friendly materials and with green power, so the whole process runs off renewable energy sources. If you're environmentally conscious, this is definitely the right vehicle option for you!

Cheaper to run

When you buy an electric car, you are making a cost-effective purchase! Due to electric vehicles running on one third per kilometre fuel to that of typical petrol vehicles, they have much lower running costs, saving you pennies in the future!

Money saving

Cheaper to maintain

Whilst you’re saving on fuelling your electric car, in the long run, you can also save on maintaining your electric car. Because these vehicles run on batteries (which can last you up to 150,000 miles!), they have less moving parts, which means there is less to repair and look after.

Noise reduction

Due to the powering of an electric car, its battery means you will experience reduced noise pollution. This also means you can get higher acceleration over longer distances, without having any issues from a rattling engine or smoking exhaust.

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