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Autumn driving tips

Added: 26 October 2018

With summer a distant memory and the feel of autumn very much around us now, it's a good time to take stock and make sure your vehicle is ready for the darker, potentially more challenging months ahead. Below we outline some tips and things to be aware of as autumn takes hold.


The sun is very low in the sky nowadays, particularly during key commuting times at the start and the end of the day. Make sure you take full advantage of your screen visor, and that your windscreen is clear of any scratches and smears. Check your wiper blades to make sure they are performing as best they can. There's no harm in slowing down if you are being dazzled. Your safety is paramount.


In the UK, we are blessed with unpredictable weather. Rain can come at any time, and combining this with fallen leaves on the road makes for extra slippery conditions. Ensure your tyre treads are up for the job, with a recommended tread thickness of 3mm. Use a 20p piece to measure the depth of your tyre's tread. Put the coin in the tread. If the inner rim of the coin is above the tread, your tread is too low, and you may need to buy a new tyre.


Darker evenings are setting in sooner especially as we head into November. Check all your car's bulbs, front, back and number plate ones, to make sure they're working properly. Don't be afraid to use full beams on unlit roads, just remember to turn them off when faced with oncoming traffic so as not to dazzle other drivers.


October and November are prime rutting season for deer, so there will be a lot more deer activity during this period. Watch out when driving on woodland roads as the deer can come out of nowhere, and could cause significant damage to your car - and itself! - if struck.

Battery & Antifreeze

The last thing you need is to run a flat battery or be in need of antifreeze on a cold, pitch black autumn/winter evening. Make sure you are a: using the correct antifreeze for your vehicle, and b: you keep the levels topped up. Replace the battery if there are any signs of your vehicle struggling to start in the morning so that you can make it through the coming months.

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