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Audi set to release A6 Plug-in Hybrid model

Added: 06 July 2020

White Audi A6 Saloon

The Audi A6 has become revered as one of the best luxury saloons in the world. Now Audi have unveiled a new plug-in hybrid version that’s ideal for A6 fans wanting to make the move to a greener option.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular. By 2040, it’s predicted that over half of new purchased cars around the world will be electric. Audi has been embracing the shift to EVs, experimenting with hybrid technology for decades and releasing its successful electric-only e-tron range five years ago. Now Audi is diversifying its electric options, offering hybrid variants of many of its popular options such as the A6.

Hybrid cars offer the option to choose between electricity and regular fuel. The Audi A6 Hybrid (officially known as the A6 50 TFSI e Saloon) will give the owners the option of selecting three different drive modes: ‘EV’, ‘Hybrid’ and ‘Hold’. The ‘EV’ mode allows you to run the car entirely off electricity (for those that want the full Audi A6 electric experience). The ‘hybrid’ mode meanwhile allows you to run the car off a combination of fuel and electricity for maximum efficiency. Then there’s the ‘hold’ option, allowing you to run the car solely off fuel and conserve the battery’s charge.

The A6’s ‘hybrid’ mode will use cutting-edge technology that allows you to maximise electricity usage based on your journey. By entering your destination beforehand, the car can predict your route and traffic conditions, using this to then determine the best times to use electricity and the best time to use fuel.

The Audi A6 Hybrid comes with a Type 2 cable that can be plugged into a 7Kw wallbox. Using the myAudi app, owners will be able to preset charging schedules and locate nearby charging points across the country. Fully charging the car takes only two and a half hours.

The car’s impressive technology is the result of over thirty years of hybrid production and research and is designed to save owners money. As Director of Audi UK, Andrew Doyle, has stated: “We’re bringing to bear the three decades of formative experience in hybrid production that began with that Audi duo model back in 1989 in this latest, state-of-the-art TFSI e model. In the UK, we have also combined the impressive efficiency which secures the TFSI e a very competitive taxation position of as little as 10 per cent BIK for company car drivers and no VED in the first year with the kind of exceptional specification offer our customers have come to expect from us, particularly in the Vorsprung version.”

Buyers will be able to choose between several specification options including the Sport, S Line, Black Edition and Vorsprung. The Audi A6 hybrid is expected to be a popular choice among luxury hybrids.

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