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Audi Announces S6 & S7 Sportback 345bhp V6 Diesel

Added: 01 May 2019

Audi cars are known throughout the world for their impressive innovation and premium quality. There’s a full range of exceptional models to choose from, with a vehicle for every possible scenario available.

At Salisbury Audi, we’re proud to offer the full line-up of brand-new Audi cars. This will shortly include two new models that were recently announced by Audi; the Audi S6 Sportback, and the Audi S7 Sportback. Both promise to be rip-roaring additions to an already impressive line-up, and here’s what you can expect from both models:

Hybrid capabilities

Both the S6 and S7 Sportback cars come with an impressive 48V hybrid system. As you can imagine, it calls upon the very best Audi technology to be as functional as possible. The electric compressors help contribute to any losses of energy, plugging gaps when accelerating and allowing the cars to take full advantage of their engines. The result is two excellent vehicles that produce impressive emissions figures for such powerful cars!

345bhp engines

Under the hood, you’ve got two phenomenal 345bhp engines in both the S6 and S7. Contrary to what you might expect, there isn’t a V8 unit in-play here. Instead, Audi has switched things up with a V6 diesel engine instead - which further improves the fuel emissions in both these cars. There may be less power in the new Audi S6 and S7 Sportback than the old versions, but the newer models are more lightweight and come with a lot more torque.

What does this mean for performance? Well, the cars are quicker than before, with 0-60 speeds of around 5 seconds in both - though the S7 gets there just a tiny bit faster. They’re easier to control, thanks to the added torque, which improves the ride comfort and driving experience.

Immensely practical

The best thing about the S6 and S7 is that they’re so immensely practical. Their A6 and A7 counterparts are seen as the cream of the crop in the saloon class. With five doors on each, ample boot space, and incredible comfort, the S6 and S7 are cars you can use every day - and they’re perfect for families as well.

Long distance journeys are simple thanks to the powerful engines, and city driving is made better with the hybrid technology as well.

Audi technology

As you can expect from all new Audi cars, the S6 Sportback and S7 Sportback will be jammed packed full of the latest technology. From autonomous driving features to unique safety elements, there’ll be everything you can think of in these two premium vehicles.

Along with all of this, you also get the stylish S trim in both cars as well. The bumpers and grills have been subtly altered to give a more modern and dynamic look, while the inside is given an overhaul as well. We’re still waiting for more information on the S6 Sportback and S7 Sportback from Audi, but there’s one thing we can guarantee; both cars will blow your socks off.

We’ll keep you updated, and as soon as they’re released, you can buy them from Salisbury Audi. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll find a way to keep you informed!

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