Are Volkswagen Cars safe?

Added: 20 November 2017

The car industry has had a number of high-profile recalls over the last few years, which can make customers even more concerned about vehicular safety. Thankfully Volkswagen are one of the most advanced car manufacturers when it comes to high-tech safety features, making them a great choice for the safety conscious buyer. Here are some of their most prominent and advanced in-car safety features:

Safety in numbers with VW's Advanced Airbag Technology.

In all cars, airbags are a staple safety feature. Volkswagen makes no exceptions here and all of their cars are fitted with high quality airbags that have been tried and tested in a number of dangerous and high intensity situations. After all, frontal airbags alone reduce driver fatalities by 29% each year. There are also a set of custom sensors in each car that judge the severity of the crash in order to provide the appropriate level of protection for those in the car. As well as the standard front airbag protection, the Volkswagen Golf also has airbags fitted around the knee area to provide extra protection for your legs if a crash were to happen.

All of the airbags in question deploy within milliseconds, lowering the initial risk of a crash by a substantial amount.

Putting a stop to the danger with high-quality braking systems.

Volkswagen cars are equipped with their own DCC (Dynamic Chassis Control) Systems, meaning that your drive is extra smooth. This also reduces the chances of you losing control of the vehicle when you are traveling at a higher speed. Supplementing this safety feature, Advanced Differential Lock (XDS) aids the control of the car when cornering fast, offering you more control and a higher level of safety when operating the vehicle.

All of these features are fantastic, however, it's the Automatic Post-Collision Braking System that really takes the biscuit. This system is featured in most newer VW models and it ensures that if a collision does occur then your car will be slowed down at a controlled rate to 6mph, in order to prevent any further damage to the car or the passengers.

All these measures just to keep you safe? You're absolutely right!

Tried and tested by the best! The Euro NCAP seal of approval.

As you may already know, Euro NCAP (The European New Car Assessment Programme) test the safety of up and coming cars that are emerging onto the market. So if you want to know the safety performance of a car you are going to be buying then this is where to look! In relation to Volkswagen the NCAP have awarded a number of their cars with a 5-star safety rating, which is the highest level of safety available. They also awarded the Volkswagen up! the Euro NCAP advance 2011 award for it's City Emergency Braking feature.

Overall, VW cars definitely have enough technology in place to keep the passengers within their walls safe. Why not take a look at the range of new and safety-focused VW models to see which you would like to test drive?