10 Reasons to use a Manufacturer Approved Bodyshop.

Manufacturer Approved Bodyshop

All repairs are the same…..aren’t they?

No. Some will claim to be similar, but similar is never the same. Ever.

There is only one way to ensure a car’s warranty and residual value remain intact, only one way to guarantee the customer is protected in a future accident and that is if they insist on using a manufacturer approved bodyshop like MG Cannon.

Because MG Cannon guarantee to repair a car to one standard. The manufacturer standard.

The 10 most important things to consider when choosing a repairer Will you get this from an approved repairer like MG Cannon Will you get this from a non manufacturer
approved repairer
Will you get this from a non manufacturer
approved repairer
  Yes Maybe No
1. Are they manufacturer approved   X
2. Will they only use genuine parts, paint, products and methods when repairing my car   X
3. Are their staff trained by the manufacturer to repair correctly   X
4. Do they have consistently good CSI results from customers like me ?  
5. Will their repair reinstate my cars paint and body warranty   X
6. Will they provide me with a free, good standard courtesy car ?  
7. Will they take care of everything for me with the claim ?  
8. Will they tell me it is actually my legal right to choose the repairer   X
9. Will their repair maintain my cars residual value for when i sell it ?  
10. Will their repair protect me and my family in a future accident  ?