MG Cannon Bodyshops

Heritage Automotive have appointed MG Cannon as our only Volkswagen Group approved Paint and Body Centre. MG Cannon are the only vehicle manufacturer approved paint and body repair centre to provide bodyshop services to our Heritage Automotive Group retailers.

They are selected by us for the consistently excellent customer service they provide for Heritage Automotive customers and the outstanding customer satisfaction results received from MG Cannon customers by Volkswagen Group UK.

MG Cannon’s factory trained experts guarantee to only use genuine parts, products, paints and repair processes when they repair your car because MG Cannon only repair your car to one standard. The Volkswagen Group standard.

At MG Cannon every repair, every day is happily guaranteed for life and they view their customers as a Customer for Life.

So if the unexpected happens to your car, make sure you call Heritage Automotive or MG Cannon first. Our support, aftercare services and our experienced, expert advice are all free.

We will help you ensure that your car is invisibly repaired to a quality standard, so that your cars value, future safety and body warranty are completely unaffected.

The 10 most important things to consider when choosing a repairer
Are they manufacturer approved
Will they use only genuine parts, paint, products and methods when repairing my car
Are their staff trained by the manufacturer to repair correctly
Do they have consistently good CSI results from customers like me
Will their repair reinstate my cars paint and body warranty
Will they provide me a free, good standard courtesy car
Will they take care of everything for me with the claim
Will they tell me it is actually my legal right to choose my repairer
Will their repair maintain my cars residual value for when I sell it
Will their repair protect me and my family in a future accident

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